PERFECT More than a name!

The best partner for mowing and sorting solutions for more than 70 years.

Duo-Swing double swing arm

Our new Duo-Swing models have been specially developed to mow the grass and weeds on both sides of the grass strip around the tree or vine in one pass. Due…
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PERFECT mowers, choppers and grading solutions

PERFECT flail mowers, rotary mowers and grading machines for fruit and vegetables have been manufactured by PERFECT – van Wamel bv for over 70 years already.

Our high-quality machines are designed and manufactured entirely at our factory in Beneden-Leeuwen. Whether you are a fruit farmer, contractor, dairy farmer, crop farmer or public body, PERFECT provides you with a suitable machine.

PERFECT machines and Van Wamel bv are known for their excellent quality, reliability and service and are aimed at the professional user. 

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