About us

75 years experience

PERFECT – Van Wamel has already 75 years of experience in the development and production of a very wide range of flail mowersandrotary mowers,choppersand brush sweepers. Today PERFECT machines are being used by professionals all over the world. A worldwide network of dealerships supports our services and the sales of new machines.

Our team of approx. 95 staff members designs and manufactures, often as a result of a specific request from the field, flail mowers and rotary mowers, pruning choppers and brush sweepers in many shapes and sizes. As a result, we are able to count both professional fruit farms on all continents and very large farms as our clients.

In addition to our very elaborate programme of rotary toppers, rotary mowers and flail mowers, PERFECT – Van Wamel is also the manufacturer of a complete line feeding systems,grading machinesand  packaging modules for fruit and vegetables. These machines are built to meet the client’s requirements and are able to sort a large variety of fruit and vegetables by size, weight, colour and external defects.

Most modern production technology

The use of the best materials, in combination with the most modern production technologies in our factory in Beneden-Leeuwen result in a very high-quality product, easy maintenance and a very long life span. PERFECT machines derive their excellent reputation from this philosophy.


Together with our dealers and importers, we make sure that you can keep your PERFECT machine in action for a very long time and with minimum failure because of heavy maintenance or repairs. Nearly all parts are still available for mowers and choppers that are, for example, 40 years old. In this respect, PERFECT machines are unique as well.