VARIOCHOP universal chopper

With the VARIOCHOP universal choppers for grass and prunings we offer a solution for a problem that many growers will recognize.

The sturdy VARIOCHOP-choppers, that can be mounted to the front and rear, are designed in such a way that you no longer have to choose between PTO speeds.

  • A special headstock makes it possible to
    work both in front and behind the tractor without transformation
  • Gearbox that accepts any rotation direction with
    integrated overrunning clutch
  • For use with 540, 750 or 1000 rpm by means of simply
    repositioning the pulleys
  • Hydraulic offset possibility 48 cm (18.9’’)
    ( except the 135 cm (53.1’’) model)

Specialized chopper for orchards

  • Low V-belt drive; height of the protection hood V-belts 51.5 cm (20.3’’)
  • Heavy duty construction for prunings up to 8 cm (3.2’’) in diameter.
  • Flails, fitted to the twice electronically balanced rotor with heavy bolts (20 mm, 0.8’’) and replaceable steel bushings.