WINTER PROMOTION: Combi-flails free of charge on a new Variochop shredder!

Both the VARIOCHOP universal shredder and our Combi flail have been very well received in the market.
To further boost these products, we are launching the special “Variochop + Combi-flail Winter promotion”.

On all orders for VARIOCHOP machines with Combi-flails, which we receive from this moment up to and including 28th February 2021 we will not charge an additional price for these flails.

Combi-flails are unique because of their replaceable cutting blade. Together with the extra heavy cast iron holder, with a total weight of 2.7 kg, this results in unequaled shredding of prunings up to 10 cm in diameter,
but it also cuts very well in grass.
Because one only has to replace the cutting blade, the Combi-flails also offer a saving of approximately 20% on wearing parts compared to a traditional flail.

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