Disruptive AI technology for fruit grading

Ultra-smart sorting with our PERFECT-Sort Uni-Grader

Choose the latest fruit sorting software with Artificial Intelligence and Deep-Learning technology. Accelerate and improve your sorting process with the advanced technology and lead the way to respond quickly to a suddenly changing market demand.

Our machine offers optimal sorting of fruit on many specifications: sort by characteristics such as diameter, colour, weight, external defects and combinations of these and other parameters.

Advantages of the PERFECT-Sort technology

PERFECT-Sort treats your produce with maximum preservation of quality to maximize your yield. Sorting ‘difficult’ fruits as Conference pears in excellent condition.

The Deep Learning system enables optimized sales value. Select easily product classes and product specifications from customers.

Optimized sorting systems with high operational reliability, low maintenance, high comfortable working conditions offering optimal job satisfaction.


  • Optimize yield through maximum market-oriented sorting
  • Save costs with less man hours and increased efficiency
  • Very low noise level
  • Clear and easy-to-use software
  • Prevent food waste with optimal sorting through customer-specific control
  • Generate valuable data for your ERP system and production optimization


Want to know more? Please contact the PERFECT specialists via telephone number +31 (0)487-592944, via e-mail perfect-sort@vanwamel.nl

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