Bulk bin tippers

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PERFECT bulk bin tippers have been a popular way of emptying large crates for decades because of their simplicity, reliability and very fruit friendly handling.

The standard cushioned holding lid is placed over the bulk bin automatically and prevents fruit from rolling around in the bins that are not completely filled when they are being tipped over.

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      Product description

      A full fruit crate is placed in the machine, then a cushioned holding lid slides over the crate after which the crate tips over and is slowly moved upwards; this is when the fruit starts coming out of the crate. A photo cell makes sure that fruit is released carefully and evenly.

      Multiple solutions are available for an optimal transport to a packaging belt / grading machine.

      We offer various configurations with transport to and from the machine on either one or three sides to make sure every customer can find the right bin tipper for them. On the basis of your wishes and requirements, we would be happy to discuss the possibilities.


      SK: Bulk bin tipper with one insert.

      DK: Bulk bin tipper with three inserts for an increased capacity.

      Suitable for bins:
      L = 1000 – 1220 mm (39.4 – 48’’)
      W = 1000 – 1220 mm (39.4 – 48’’)
      H = 650 – 850 mm (25.6 – 33.5’’)

      Max. 500 kg (1102 lbs)

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