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Caligram 2, Linear weight grading machine, super fast and modular

For many years, PERFECT has been collaborating with CALIBREX, a French manufacturer of electronic weight grading machines.

The CALIGRAM 2 grading machine is available with one or two lanes and a maximum speed of 15 carriers per second. This makes the Caligram grading machine the fastest machine on the market, that also sorts damage free at high speeds.

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      Product description

      A feeding belt transports the fruits to the grader. An electronic weighing section determines the weight of every fruit and at what exit the fruit should be dropped out.

      The Caligram grading machine is suitable for a wide range of fruits, from apricots to melons. An optimized supply system realizes a maximum filling grade of the carriers and sensors detect/eliminate ‘doubles’.

      The machine can even be equipped with an Autopilot function that automatically regulates the supply speed to maximize the filling grade for apricots and prunes. At which packing table what weight class is dropped out, can be selected with a simple sorting programme.

      Caligram models are available in different versions and configurations to make sure that they fit optimally to specific demands of a kind of fruit.

      For supply and packaging, PERFECT – Van Wamel offers various suitable solutions. We would happily talk to you to compose the best suitable configuration for your wishes and requirements together.


      CALIBREX Caligram 2 weight grading machines are available with 36 universal carriers (Caligram 2 for apples, pears, melons) or 50 small carriers (Caligram 2+ for apricots, kiwis, prunes).

      Number of discharge sections, max. 21.

      Sorting by weight (electronically) and colour (optically).

      Weighing range 20 – 2,000 gram (0.7 – 70.5 oz).

      Capacity melons approx. 30,000 kg/hour (66,138 lbs). Apricots approx. 5,000 kg/hour (11,023 lbs).


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