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CGM, mechanical grading machine for cherries

The PERFFECT mechanical grading machine for cherries is a relatively simple machine to sort your cherries on size and realize the excess value of larger cherries.

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      Product description

      Very accurate sorting

      The harvested cherries are unloaded onto a feeding belt and separated manually. Next, the cherries are brought onto five pairs of angled shafts (stainless steel), with gradually reducing diameters. Because the space in between the shafts gets bigger and bigger, the cherries are sorted on the smallest diameter. The spacing between the shafts, and by that the range of diameters, can be adjusted continuously. The gap between to diameters is always 2 mm (0.08’’).

      Then, four discharge belts bring the sorted products to the packing tables. An elevator for easier supply to the feeding belt is also an option. The same applies for a working platform for the people operating the feeding belt.

      Depending on the working speed of the people operating the feeding belt, the CGM can achieve a capacity of approximately 450 kilograms (990 lbs) of cherries per hour.


      The PERFECT CGM grading machine for cherries sorts the cherries in four different sizes onto discharge belts. Furthermore, the undersize and oversize are discharged separately.

      Sorting is based on diameter (smallest/most narrow diameter of the fruit)

      Sorting range 18 – 46 mm (0.71 – 1.81’’) + undersize and oversize


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