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MGS, mechanical cup sorting machine

The PERFECT MGS mechanical cup sorting machine has been a popular sorting solution for fruit and vegetable growers around the globe for decades because of its simplicity and reliability.

Thanks to the sorting system with very spacious cups, the machine is an all-round grading machine for a wide range of round fruits. Think of apples, pears, peaches, tomatoes, etc.

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      Product description

      The apples, pears or other fruits are delivered to the cups with a singulator. On the singulator, the fruits are singled out to make sure that every cup contains only one fruit when being weighed.

      The desired weight can be selected for every weight section with an indicator clock. The heaviest (largest) fruits are dropped at the first exit and the lighter fruits later. By defining the size/weight ration, a simple sorting by size can be realised with the help of the MGS.

      The products are distributed per exit, based on their weight. If necessary, one weight class can be spread out over multiple exits.

      A fruit friendly handling was the focus of the development of the MGS. Minimum and well thought out transfers result in high-quality fruit.

      For supply and packaging, PERFECT – Van Wamel offers various suitable solutions. We would happily talk to you to compose the best suitable configuration for your wishes and requirements.


      PERFECT MGS cup sorting machines are available with 2, 3 or 4 lanes. The capacity of these machine is appr. 750 kg/hour/lane, depending on the average weight of the fruits.

      Sorting on weight (mechanical)

      Weighing range 40 – 700 grams (1.4 – 24.7 oz). Accuracy approx. 5 grams (0.2 oz).

      Suitable for (round) fruits between 40 and 110 mm (0.16 – 4.3’’) diameter


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