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Minigram 2, round and compact weight grading machine

For many years, PERFECT has been collaborating with CALIBREX, a French manufacturer of electronic weight grading machines.
The MINIGRAM 2 electronic weight grading machine is ideal for smaller fruit farms. These round weight graders offer unprecedented opportunities for a perfectly modest budget.

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      Product description

      A feeding belt transports the fruits to the round grader. Every fruit passes an electronic weighing section and the measured weight determines at what exit the fruit is dropped out.

      At which packing table what weight class is dropped out, can be selected with a simple sorting programme.

      Minigram grading machines are available in different versions and configurations to make sure that they fit optimally to specific demands of a kind of fruit. That’s why the Minigram is suitable to sort apricots, prunes, kiwis, peaches, apples, (round) pears, tomatoes, melons, etc.

      The unique shape and emptying of the carriers (patented by CALIBREX) make for a very fruit friendly and accurate weight grading. The mounted wheels under the carrier contribute to the low noise level, which then contributes to pleasantly working with a Minigram grading machine.

      For supply and packaging, PERFECT – Van Wamel offers various suitable solutions. We would like to consult you to assemble a configuration together that fits your wishes and requirements perfectly.


      CALIBREX Minigram 2 weight grading machines are available with 36 universal carriers (Minigram 2, for apples, pears, melons) or 50 small carriers (Minigram 2+, for kiwis, apricots).

      Number of discharge sections; 6 or 10.

      Sorting by weight (electronically)

      Weighing range 20 – 2,000 gram (0.7 – 70.5 oz).

      Capacity; depends on the fruit; apricots approx. 1,200 kg/hour (2,645 lbs), apples approx. 1,500 kg/hour (3,306 lbs).


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