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SZF-SZL, Front Solo-Swing

The Solo-Swing is a hydraulically driven swinging arm to mow around trees, posts and other obstacles. The SZF and SZL models are mounted onto the front of the tractor with a mounting plate; A front linkage is not necessary.

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Product description

The swinging arm, equipped with swing-away blades, has an adjustable cutting height and surface pressure to adapt to different conditions.

The offset can be adjusted from the tractor with the parallelogram system; the blade disc automatically drops down when the machine is put offset. Oscillating support wheels and a support saucer with ball bearing provide excellent terrain adaptation.

The SZL has a large offset of 210 cm (82.7’’) which is intended for mounting on a conventional tractor. The SZF (offset 165 cm (65’’)) is designed for mounting on a narrow vineyard or orchard tractor.

The machine can optionally be equipped with a mechanic-hydraulic feeler; this option can be very useful, especially around delicate trees (very young trees).
The machine can also be equipped with a 3-point headstock for front linkage.

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