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Uni-Cup, optical-electronic grading machine

The PERFECT Uni-Cup grading machine ensures a very accurate registration of the diameter of various kinds of fruit. By combining the size and colour/bloom, the sorting can be precisely tuned to the wishes of the customer.

Thanks to the sorting system with universal spacious cups, the machine is an all-round grading machine for a wide range of round fruits. Think of apples, pears, peaches, tomatoes, etc.

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      Product description

      The apples, pears or other fruits are delivered to the cups with a rotating singulator. The fruits are singled out on the brushes to prevent doubles.
      While the fruit is rotating, a large number of photos per fruit is taken; the intelligent software determines the optimum place to determine the maximum diameter.

      The very user-friendly, on Windows 10® based, sorting software enables the user to create their own sorting programme and regulate what type of fruit has to be brought to which exit.

      All transfers in the Uni-Cup are developed with the emphasis on a very fruit friendly handling to make sure that delicate fruits like apples are delivered to your customer without loss of quality.

      For supply and packaging, PERFECT – Van Wamel offers various suitable solutions. We would like to consult you to assemble the best possible configuration together that fits your wishes and requirements.


      PERFECT Uni-Cup cup sorting machines are available with 2, 3 or 4 lanes; the maximum capacity is 2 to 4 tons per hour.

      Grading by size (diameter) and colour/bloom (optical)

      Suitable for (round) fruits with a diameter of 40 to 110 mm (0.16 – 4.3’’).


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