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Uni-Grader, state-of-the-art optical grading machine

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The PERFECT Uni-Grader grading machine is the perfect grading machine to realize added value in the phase of production to product. The Uni-Grader sorts on both diameter, weight, colour and external quality with which nearly every round/half round kind of fruit can be sorted.

The Uni-Grader is entirely developed to also sort Conference pears perfectly; the machine is equipped with extra wide singulator brushes to be able to also process very long pears (bottles) without any problems.

Many years of experience in developing and collaborating with a large number of growers and processors have enabled us to develop the machine with the most fruit friendly handling. The Uni-Grader truly sets a new standard for damage free and quick sorting of very delicate fruits like Conference pears or Golden Delicious apples.

In addition to the principled technology, the Uni-Grader is also a very user-friendly machine. The noise level of the machine is very low which positively impacts the employees that work near the machine. Furthermore, cleaning and maintaining this machine is very simple.

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Product description

The apples, pears or other fruits are delivered to the grading machine with rotating singulator brushes. Cameras that are mounted above the singulator brushes scan each individual product in numerous positions as the product rotates.

A very user-friendly, on Windows 10® based, sorting software enables the user to create their own simple or elaborate sorting programmes in which it brings a product with certain characteristics to a specified exit.

An optical sorting on external quality is possible for apples, pears and citrus fruits; the user sets the maximum number of spots and/or the maximum percentage of the surface that is is allowed to differ.

For supply and packaging, PERFECT – Van Wamel offers various suitable solutions. We would like to consult you to assemble the best possible configuration together that fits your wishes and requirements.


PERFECT Uni-Grader electronic sorting machines are available with 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 lanes. Depending on the average weight of the fruit, sorting capacities up to approx. 1,250 kg (2755 lbs) per lane per hour can be realized.

Sorting by weight, size (diameter), colour/bloom (optical) and external quality.

Suitable for (round) fruits between 35 and 110 mm (1.4 – 4.3’’) diameter.



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