Waterdumper for apples

The PERFECT FS2 water dumper is specially designed to feed floating products like apples to the sorting line or packaging module without doing any damage.

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      Product description

      A constant supply without transfers is guaranteed because the apples are transported through water. This not only prevents impact damage to the fruits but it also increases the capacity of the grading system.

      The dumper functions fault-free and has a long life span thanks to a so-called “dry lift”; a lift that has all the moving parts of the lift section outside of the water basin.


      Suitable for floating products. Capacity max. 20 crates per hour.

      Measurements crates:
      L max. 1270 mm (50’’)
      W max. 1270 mm (50’’)
      H 600 – 850 mm (23.6 – 33.5’’)

      Weight max. 500 kg (1102 lbs)



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