Mowing green manure, cover crops, fallow land, corn stalks, etc.

PERFECT flail mowers are developed to do an excellent job under the most difficult circumstances as well. Whatever machine you choose, your PERFECT flail mower is a trustworthy workhorse that never neglects its duty.

Thanks to their very strong construction and large frames, PERFECT flail mowers have a very long life span and maximum capacity. The very heavy rotor (up to 350 kilograms (770 lbs), high rotation speed and standard automatic V-belt tensioning provide a continuous high capacity. Because of these characteristics, crop farmers from all over the world have been working satisfactorily with PERFECT flail mowers for years and prove that PERFECT flail mowers are the best in their class.

Flail mowers for cover crops, green manure, fallow land and corn stalks

The PERFECT leveringsprogramma entails a range of flail mowers, both standard ones and heavy duty ones. Various machines for 3-point or front linkage (or both) starting at 1.50 m (4’ 11’’) and even capacity machines with total working widths of 6.20 (20’ 4’’), 8.60 (28’ 3’’) and 9.20 m (30’ 2’’).