Chopping prunings in orchards or vineyards

PERFECT – Van Wamel offers a wide range of pruning choppers that are specially developed to be used in fruit growing, winegrowing, berry and tree cultivation.

The powerful, efficient drive, directed at the rotor, and the high weight of the rotor and flails make for a very high impact strength, which makes chopping up thicker prunings easy as well.

Thanks to years of experience, our PERFECT choppers have been perfected on every level. A very high reliability and easy maintenance are highly praised characteristics of these sturdy choppers.

Pruning choppers

The PERFECT range entails choppers with working widths between 90 and 460 cm (35.4’’ and 181.1’’). There are multiple machines that can be mounted to the tractor with 3-point or front linkage. For fruit growers and winegrowers with different types of tractors, we offer the VARIOCHOP chopper with double headstock for an effortless front and 3-point linkage to the tractor.