Rotary mowers with swing arm(s) for orchards and vineyards

The use of chemicals to keep the tree strip free of weeds is being restricted or even completely forbidden in more and more countries.

PERFECT rotary mowers with swing arms have been a proven solution for decades to maintain the growth under and around trees and vines.

All components of the swinging mechanism are manufactured by PERFECT – van Wamel. Because of the guaranteed quality, this swinging mechanism has the same reliability as any other PERFECT mower.

A spring mechanism and a rotating rim make sure that the swing arm moves smoothly around the tree/vine/obstacle without causing any damage.

Models with 1 or 2 swing arms

PERFECT offers mowers with one swing arm (RF and SUNSWING) and with two swing arms (FV2 and MD); the FV2 is a machine, specially made for vineyards and berry cultures.