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SPD – double brush sweeper for front mount

The SPD brush sweeper removes prunings and leaves on the tree strips on both sides of the tractor. Both sweepers adapt to the terrain, independently of the tractor.


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      Product description

      When a tractor doesn’t have front linkage, the carriage beam of the sweeper can, for example, be mounted to the front weight carrier of the tractor.

      The SPD is equipped with hydraulically raisable cleaning brushes; moreover, the working width is also hydraulically adjustable. The standard sweeper brush has a radius of 1 metre (3’3’’), but there are also brushes available with a radius of 0.58 metre (1’11’’) (vineyards and berry farms) and 1.30 metres (4’3’’) (orchards with large row spacings).

      The SPA brushes have an excellent terrain adaptation thanks to the swivel wheel that the brushes rotate around. The angle of the sweeper determines the pressure of the brushes on the ground; this can be altered for optimal functioning under every circumstance.

      The brushes of the SPD are made of a very longwearing material which gives them a long life span; furthermore, the brushes don’t damage the tree-trunks, even when they rotate close to them.

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