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TRIGANT, flail mower set for Krone Big M 450 autonomous mower

Maximum capacity and efficiency.

That’s all we need to say. The peak of processing green manure, corn stover and all other types of crops and leftover quickly and efficiently.

This set, with a total working width of 9.20 metres (30’ 2’’), is developed in close collaboration with KRONE; the suspension and drive are entirely adapted to the KRONE Big M 450. This means that the electronic speed control works on the TRIGANT flail mowers as well.

Some indicators (practical test Germany);
– Productivity (ha / hour)*; + 40%
– Fuel consumption (l / ha) *; -16%
– Costs (fuel + labour, € / ha) *; -23%
* compared with a triple flail mower

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      Product description

      The TRIGANT mower heads can be mounted to the Big M 450 without any adjustments. Because of this, they profit from all the the possibilities that Krone facilitated with the development of the latest version of the Big M such as:

      • Automatic rpm regulation of the flail shaft through the terminal in the cabin
      • Maximum capacity through sensors on the lowest pulleys of the flail mowers which adjust the driving speed in case of skidding
      • The side mowers can swerve upwards or backwards to prevent damage to the mower heads
      • The mowers are towed instead of shoved
      • Hydraulic ground pressure relief can be set from the cabin
      • Extra overload protection through PTO shafts with overload clutch

      The TRIGANT mowers are equipped with 2.2 kilogram (4.9lbs) heavy duty flails that generate a very high impact strength and offer resistance against rocks and other hard objects. All three units have an adjustable discharge hood to help easily process very bulky crops as well.


      The transport width of a Krone BIG M 450 with TRIGANT flail mowers is 3.3 metres (10’ 10’’).

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