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DR/MV-series, variable width orchard rotary mower

Adjustable orchard mower for large and/or varying row spacings. This rotary mower has a lot of flexibility as regards the width of the strips of grass that have to be mowed, thanks to the hydraulically adjustable wings.

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      Product description

      To mow wide strips of grass and/or orchards or vineyards with varying row spacings PERFECT offers the DR and MV rotary mowers.

      Both machines consist of a fixed frame with two individuallly (hydraulically) adjustable wings, which present a very large variation of working widths.

      This orchard rotary mower has a high capacity across the full width because of the dubble gearbox drive and automatic V-belt tensioning.

      The adjusting mechanism is built with parts that we have made ourselves at PERFECT – Van Wamel; the result is a very reliable orchard mower that needs little maintenance and has a very long life span.

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