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LF-series, orchard rotary mower on skids

A robust rotary mower for orchards and vineyards, powerful drive and high capacity. High driving speed is possible because of the long skids.

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Product description

The LF orchard mower is a very sturdy mower with a high capacity. The LF can also be used for taller grass because of the powerful drive with automatic V-belt tensioning and grass guidance at the bottom of the mower deck. Furthermore, the skids enable a high driving speed, up to 10 kilometres per hour (6.2 mph).

LF orchard rotary mowers are available with working widths between 1.40 and 3.60 meters (4’7’’ and 11’10’’).

LF rotary mowers are equipped with a large offset as a standard, to also mow next to the tractor; the narrow headstock makes sure that the fruit on the trees isn’t damaged.

This orchard rotary mower can be equipped with a rear roller for an optimal terrain adaptation.

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