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RF-series, orchard mower to mow around trees

The RF orchard mower has a large offset and a swing-arm; this combination makes the mowing of grass and weeds in between trees very easy; furthermore, it is possible to mow far next to the tractor track because of the large offset.

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      Product description

      The RF rotary mower is specifically developed to mow offset and in between the trees. The low frame, specially made for orchards, is designed to easily mow under low-hanging branches.

      This orchard mower has a very solid reputation because of its reliability, capacity and very long life span. The reliability of the swing mechanism of the swing-arm is due to the fact that this part (as well as the whole machine) is made up of parts that are produced by PERFECT-Van Wamel.

      Thanks to a powerful gearbox and V-belt drive with automatic tensioner(s), the RF rotary mower has a very high capacity, in tall grass as well. The grass is distributed over the full width of the mower.

      Because of a spring mechanism, the swing-arm swings back when it hits a tree or another obstacle. The RF mower can be equipped with a hydraulic feeler when used around young trees.

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