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LB-series, The rotary topper with V-belt drive

LB rotary toppers are provided with long profiled wearing skids that help the machine adapt to irregularities problem-free. The efficient drive equips the machine with a high capacity.

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      Product description

      The rotors of the LB are not placed in a line but in a V shape; this guarantees a large overlap between the cutting blades. The result is a very high capacity and an unmatched cut.

      The cutting blades are reversable and that gives them a life span twice as long. The efficient V-belt drive with automatic V-belt tensioning makes for an efficient and low-maintenance drive.

      All LB toppers have an offset possibility. Furthermore, the LB-245V and LB-275V are equipped with a quick connect coupling system which enables quick, safe and easy connecting and disconnecting as well as side-shifting.

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