The Solo-Swing is a hydraulically driven swing arm for mowing around trees, posts and other obstacles. The Duo-Swing models are able to mow the grass and weeds on both sides of the grass strip around the tree or vine in one pass.

In order to get between the trees and vines in both fruit and wine cultivation, there is a choice of swing arms with diameters of 42, 50 and 60 cm in diameter.

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      Product description

      The swinging arm, equipped with swing-away blades, has an adjustable cutting height and surface pressure to adapt to different conditions.

      The Duo-Swing models come standard with two swing arms. In order to maximize the mowing range, the width can not only be adjusted hydraulically, but by means of a mechanical sliding adjustment option in the headstock, it can also be moved out another 25 cm (9,8 inch) on both sides. As a result, a total adjustment of 2.00 m (6½ ft) is realized, making the machine suitable for planting from 2.5 m (8’2″) to over 4.5 m (14’6″).

      Two wheels and a bearing support saucer ensure good ground adaptation.

      For optimal visibility, the Duo-Swing models are available for both 3-point and front attachment to the tractor.

      Optionally, the Duo-Swing can be equipped with a mechanical-hydraulic feeler especially with sensitive trees (very young plantings) this option can be of great value.

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