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SZA, Solo-Swing attachment

The Solo-Swing is a hydraulically driven swinging arm to mow around trees, posts and other obstacles. The SZA models are attachment models and can easily be mounted onto a rotary mower or flail mower.

The SZA can also be attached to a mini shovel; a special headstock, equipped with oscillating swivel wheels, is available for this. These wheels provide excellent terrain adaptation.

The SZA is available with discs of 42, 50, 60 and 85 cm (16.5, 19.7, 23.6 and 33.5’’).

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      Product description

      The swinging arm, equipped with swing-away blades, has an adjustable cutting height and surface pressure to adapt to different conditions

      The SZA can optionally be equipped with a mechanic-hydraulic feeler; this option can be very useful, especially around delicate trees (very young trees).

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