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VARIOCHOP, extra low chopper for front and rear mount

Chopper for both front mount and attachment behind the tractor. The rpm can be changed by rearranging the positions of the V-belt discs.

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      Product description

      The VARIOCHOP pruning chopper is an extremely powerful machine, suitable for prunings up to 8 cm (3.2’’). Because of the low designed V-belt cap this machine can also work easily under low-hanging branches. This chopper has a very high capacity thanks to the drive with largely automatic V-belt tensioner.

      The VARIOCHOP chopper is equipped with interchangeable V-belt discs; by switching up the positions of these discs, the rpm of the PTO shaft can be changed to 540, 750 or 1000 revolutions. Because of this drive, the purchase of a new tractor will never mean that the chopper has to be altered or even replaced anymore.

      The VARIOCHOP is available in working widths of 1.35, 1.50, 1.80 and 2.10 meters (4’5’’, 4’11’’, 5’11’’ and 6’11’’).

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