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BG2 – BK2, extra low shredder for orchards and vineyards

BG2 – extremely sturdy pruning chopper
BK2 – extremely sturdy pruning chopper with rake tines

Very powerful shredders for prunings up to 8 cm (3.2’’). Thanks to a powerful drive with automatic V-belt tensioner, larger amounts of prunings are easily chopped up and discharged.

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      Product description

      These PERFECT shredders are equipped with 2.2 kg flails (4.9 lbs), that deliver a very high impact strength, in combination with the high rpm of the rotor, to chop up bigger prunings efficiently.

      Because of the very low designed V-belt cap the BG2 – BK2 can also mow under low-hanging branches. These choppers can work far next to the tractor track, and thus close to the fruit tree, thanks to the standard offset.

      For an even bigger impact strength and a very fine chopping of the prunings and an excellent cut, these choppers can also be equipped with 2.7 kg (6 lbs) Combi-flails. These are provided with a replaceable blade, which results in considerable cost savings when replacement is needed.

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