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KT-series, heavy duty flail mower

KT flail mowers are very robustly constructed machines, developed and built to do an excellent job under the most difficult circumstances as well. Working widths up to 3.20 meter (10’ 6’’).

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      Product description

      The KT flail mower is one of the strongest flail mowers on the market. The extremely heavy frame and heavy duty drive (1000 revolutions) generate an enormous impact strength and due to this, the KT is suitable to very intensive use in agriculture. The KT is very suitable to process bulky green manures and chop up corn stover because of its adjustable discharge hood.

      These ultra-robust flail mowers are optionally available as front machine; in this case you have a pulled front machine with unmatched terrain adaptation at your disposal.

      3D-Flex headstock

      For simultaneous mowing and ploughing, the 3D-Flex headstock is the perfect solution; because of the towed hitch attachment and large offset possibility, this is the perfect machine for mowing and ploughing at the same time; the large offset possibility allows for ploughing with a 4- of 5-fold ploughshare. Furthermore, the 3D-Flex headstock provides groundpressure adjustment. The flail mower functions as a front weight and so the traction of the tractor can be optimized under all circumstances. 

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