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KW-series, flail mower for rear mount

The KW flail mower is a very sturdy and versatile flail mower. They are suitable for rear mount to the tractor and are equipped with a simple offset mechanism.

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      Product description

      The KW flail mower has a powerful 540 revolutions drive with automatic V-belt tensioning. The gearbox is equipped with an integrated overrunning clutch.

      These robust flail mowers are equipped with 0.9 kg (2lbs) flails as standard; optionally, flex flails can be installed to protect the machine against damage by rocks or other hard objects. A hydraulic offset is optionally available as well.

      The heavy rotor with large diameter guarantees an excellent capacity and reliability. To guarantee a long life span the rotors are balanced twice, which decreases the chance of imbalance and increases the machine’s longevity.

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