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PERFECT flails

PERFECT machines are available with multiple type of flails. Depending on the type of machine and the application, you can therefore always choose the most suitable flail.

All flails are attached to the flail shaft with heavy duty 20mm bolts and interchangeable bushings.
These unique bushings, in combination with the dual electronic balancing of the flail rotor, ensure the very long life for which the PERFECT flail mowers and shredders are known.

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      Product description

      0,9 kg flail

      Straight, continuous cutting edge that guarantees a uniform cutting height.
      Ideal for grass, green manure crops and other light crop stubble upto appr. 3 cm diameter.

      2,2 kg flail

      Heavy flail with extra wide suspension for use in heavy materials and prunings up to 10 cm in diameter. The extra wide suspension and high impact force ensure that this flail is also extremely resistant to use on plots with large stones. For corn stubble or harsh conditions.

      Combi-flail (2,7 kg) NEW

      Flail with interchangeable cutting blade. The special steel cutting blade, which remains extremely sharp, ensures that the PERFECT Combi flail shreds very finely when shredding prunings, but also provides a very nice cutting pattern when mowing grass.

      Original PERFECT flails can be recognized by the PERFECT logo. A guarantee for quality and durability.

      Pro-fix flail mounting

      Protects the flail suspension from damage by stones or other objects. Extra protection for use in the toughest conditions.

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