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LK-serie, heavy-duty rotary mower

A mower with a very high capacity, especially suitable for tall grass and tough growth.
High working speed due to the long skids.

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      Product description

      LK orchard mowers for orchards and vineyards are driven by gearboxes, which enables more power to go to the blades. The result is a very high capacity and effortlessly mowing tough growth and/or very tall grass. This makes this machine pre-eminently suitable for orchards and vineyards that aren’t mowed often.

      These heavy duty LK rotary mowers are available in different widths between 1.85 and 2.75 metre (6’1’’ and 9’0’’) and are equipped with a PTO shaft with overload clutch to protect the drive.

      The LK orchard rotary mower can be equipped with a rear roller for an optimal terrain adaptation.

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