Winter Promotion: Perfect Variochop Shredder

PERFECT – Van Wamel has been manufacturer of PERFECT flail mowers,
rotary mowers and fruit grading systems for over 70 years.
In every fruit growing company the winter period is all about pruning.
PERFECT shredders have long been THE machines for processing also
larger quantities of prunings.

The advantages

Adjustable PTO speeds, very practical in case of use with / purchase of another tractor.

The strong build results in a proven longer life span.

The heavy flails ensure excellent shredding, also of thicker prunings.

The rotor has a constantly high rotation speed and ditto slashing power, thanks to the automatic V-belt tensioning system.

Perfect Combi-Flail

The PERFECT Combi-flail has a permanently sharp
cutting edge. This cutting edge shreds the prunings even finer than the traditional flail. This allows for a faster incorporation of the pulverized wood into the soil.

Customer testiomials

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