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RX-620, double, towed heavy duty flail mower

The RX-620 consists of two heavy duty, 3.20m (10’ 6’’) wide flail mowers.  Because of the unique mounting to a towed frame, the user has a high capacity at their disposal with overlap on a large working width, without needing a very heavy tractor; a tractor with 150 hp will do to work with the RX-620.

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      Product description

      Both flail mowers are driven by their own gearbox. The 3.20 metre (10’ 6’’) wide flail mowers are equipped with an extremely wide rotor and a V-belt drive with five automatically tensioned V-belts. This drive, in combination with the 400 kg (882lbs) weighing rotor, generates an unmatched impact strength and a very high capacity.

      High driving speed is possible because of the flexible ground pressure relief. Both mowers can be folded up hydraulically for road transportation.

      The RX-620 is equipped with 2.2 kg (4.6lbs) heavy duty flails as standard but can also be equipped with 0.9 kg (2lbs) flails that have a straight blade and make for an optimal cut.
      If both impact strength and quality of the cut are of utmost importance, the Combi-flail (2.7 kg, 6lbs) is the perfect solution.

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