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NX-460, shredder/mower with variable working width

Flail mower -pruning chopper with adjustable working width. Large cost savings thanks to high capacity and large, adjustable working width up to 4.60 metres (15’1’’).

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      Product description

      The NX-460 is a flail mower / pruning shredder of which the working width can be carefully adjusted, between 2.90 and 4.60 metres (9’6’’ and 15’1’’). This makes the mower suitable for orchards with row spacings between 4 and 6 metres (13’1’’ and 19’8’’). The NX-460 consists of two very sturdy flail mowers of 2.40 metres each (7’10’’).

      Due to the large working width and high capacity, the NX-460 can save a lot of costs on mowing or chopping prunings in the orchard. One doesn’t have to mow as often and saves many working hours and fuel in comparison to working with a single chopper or rotary mower.

      The NX-460 flail shredder is equipped with 2.2 kg flails (4.9 lbs) that deliver a very high impact strength; for an optimal cut, the machine can also be equipped with 0.9 kg flails (2 lbs). For an optimal result for both prunings and grass, the 2.7 kg Combi-flail (6 lbs) is the best choice.

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