Experts on mowing in agriculture and cattle breeding

PERFECT – Van Wamel has over 70 years of experience in the development and production of a wide range of specialized rotary mowers and flail mowers to use in agriculture or (dairy) cattle breeding.

Next to various rotary toppers to top grass land in cattle breeding, we offer a wide range of standard and heavy duty flail mowers to mow green manure, cover crops, field borders, corn stalks, etc.

The powerful, efficient drive, directed at the rotor, and the high weight of the rotor and flails make for a very high impact strength, which makes processing larger amounts of crops easy as well.



Agricultural mowers

Topping grass land on which animals have grazed improves regrowth and makes for tastier grass and so a better production and protein intake. PERFECT offers various rotary mowers/toppers with working widths between 1.85 and 3.60 meter (6.1’ and 11’ 10’’), and flail mowers with working widths between 1.20 and 9.20 meter (3’ 11’’ and 30’ 2’’). PERFECT has a suitable mower for every application!