Pasture toppers for cattle farms

topping of pastures

To top and clean parcels of grass land on cattle farms, PERFECT – Van Wamel has developed multiple types of rotary toppers.

Topping is done to get rid of thistles or other unsavoury weeds and it prevents the spread of these plants on your land. Furthermore, cutting the grass evenly results in even regrowth on the entire parcel. Because the rotary topper spreads out the discharge, growth is not limited by leftover discharge.

Thanks to a powerful V-belt transmission with automatic V-belt tensioning, the flails of PERFECT toppers have a very high impact strength and capacity and a wonderful result. Guide plates underneath the mower make sure that the cuttings are spread out across the entire width.

Pasture toppers

Below you find an overview of our models with V-belt drive or gear drive.