Hydraulic swing arms

Besides rotary mowers with swing arms, PERFECT – Van Wamel also offers separate swing-away arm called Solo-Swing.

Solo-Swing swing arms are hydraulically driven; because of this, these machines have almost unlimited add-on possibilities. As the standard option, the Solo-Swing is provided with a spring mechanism; a hydraulic feeler is available for use on hilly terrain.

Thanks to the protection around the rim, the PERFECT Solo-Swing is one of few in its class that meets the CE-standard. In addition, every Solo-Swing has a support saucer with ball-bearing under the blade; the cutting blades are not being slowed down by an uneven terrain which means that the machine retains its capacity!

Models to add on to machine or tractor

There are various Solo-Swing models that can be added onto a rotary mower, flail mower, mini shovel or the front or back of a tractor.